I am a second-career clinical social worker.  I worked for years in the information technology industry.  I understand the struggles professionally and personally and the need for something different.

 I will work with you to find solutions to current problems and to understand recurring patterns that impact everyone's daily lives.  Often it requires healing old wounds so you can move forward.  This work can be done through individual counseling, marriage or couples counseling, or groups.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Approved Consultant in EMDR and a Certified Therapist in EMDR therapy I work with men, women, and couples facing many different issues.  Using many approaches such as cognitive-behavioral, solution focused, relaxation techniques, EFT, and EMDR therapy to accommodate each person's working style. 

All of this with a focus on the connection between mind and body.

Lucy has also known the struggles of needing more out of life.  After several years of chasing tennis balls and ensuring the backyard is secure from deer, squirrels, and other unwanted animals

Lucy Therapy Dog

Lucy decided to pursue a second career in therapy.  She joined Jackie's practice in February 2010 and continues to expand her role and function within the therapeutic process on a daily basis.

Lucy uses her good manners to provide a calming environment so clients feel comfortable while doing this very difficult work. 

However she is not against providing a little excitement by encouraging clients to provide her with treats, a rub on the belly, or a scratch behind the ears.

Lucy earned her AKC Good Canine Citizen Certificate in January 2008.