Early Trauma Protocol

developed by Sandra Paulsen & Katie O'Shea

Case Consultation


Early Trauma EMDR is a special protocol developed to work with implicit memories from the first few years of life. Due to its uniqueness it can create many questions for practitioners as they work with clients.  This case consultation group provides the opportunity to address those concerns.

Areas of Discussion include:

  • Review and clarification of all 4 steps
  • Types of Early Trauma specific Interweaves
  • Identifying & Working with Introjects
  • Case Conceptualization & Clinical Cases
  • Integrating Early Trauma work into your practice

Groups will meet 3:00-4:30pm on the following dates:

The dates are:   2/10/2017,  3/10/2017,  4/14/2017,  5/12/2017      

Cost: $300

* All participants must have completed Sandra Paulsen’s or Katie O'Shea Early Trauma Workshops. The purpose of this consultation group is to provide additional clarifying information regarding the Early Trauma Protocol only.

Hours are not applicable to EMDR certification or any other certification program

Below are necessary forms: